Fireflies - How Would I Make this in Kineme?

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Hi there,

I am pretty new to QC and Kineme. It's overwhleming to find a starting point. So I figured I'd try to recreate something I made in Flash/PV3D.

How would I make something like this in QC?

(It's basically a set of point rotating with a firefly attached to each. The 3d coords are converted to 2d coords, where the fireflies are attached to the converted coords. A function randomizes the targets and picks one to enlarge/shrink, then repeats.)

Cocoa Touch/Android/AS3 Developer wanted

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Hi gang,

We are looking for a diverse developer with EXCELLENT OO skills and knowledge, who has experience with Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, iPhone/iPad development. Would also be great if this person had solid experience with Java/Android and/or Flash/AS3.

TV UI experience is a big plus, but not necessary. Agile experience/adoption is also a plus, but not necessary.

Ability to fluidly switch between multiple projects, adapt to ever-changing requirements, and work with little to no supervision essential. Not that you would be sitting in isolation, but things move fast around here, and we need someone who, once he/she has gotten up to speed, can go off and execute tasks, with surety, quality, and reliability.

The gig is in downtown Burbank, CA with Technicolor. Please respond here and I will send you the submission information personally. Don't want to push our recruiter's email address into the Spam-O-Sphere (not that Kineme is part of that but you never know who is trolling the boards).



10.6.4 Update Caveat - Flash plugin [wrong version]

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This update contains the wrong Flash plugin.

Check out at the Adobe Flash Player page Flash Version Checker that you are running the right version - & not the dreaded incorrectly bundled up in the recent update.

Update to latest Flash plugin is the cure.

If you'd already updated prior to 10.6.4 being released, you shouldn't have any problems.

Outside Viewer window rendering

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I think the answer to my question is going to be 'No', but here goes...

Can we manage to create QC works that animate both within and without of the viewer window. I haven't tried this with the WebKit plugin, but it might work.

I'm thinking of this sort of work http://vimeo.com/9194146? - no product placement on this post - but it is an advert [Salsa].

Interactive dome project - advice needed

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We are working on an interactive dome project and wondering if anyone has any tips or experience in creating content for a 360 dome using QC and the pbmesh? We are looking to create content for dome similar to this link:


We are new to this software and are wondering if it is possible to import something like the link above (obviously in a fisheye format) into QC and use the pbmesh? Any advice is very much appreciated!


Tim and Jim