Movie Runner Crossfader (sans iterators)

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Attached is a proof of concept folder scanner/crossfader I developed for a birthday party.

It scans a folder for all movies (recursively) and then plays them sequentially with an 'x' second crossfade between adjacent movies.

The movies need to be longer that 'crossfade time' seconds or weirdness will happen (as it's using 2 players and mixing between them).

This could be more simply executed by using CoGe or other VJ app, but I like staying in QC as much as possible. Power to the people.


I'd love to know how to make 'virtual patches' or 'macros' inside a patch that don't require external plugins/patches to be installed (i.e. my "movie player" macro is duplicated in this patch, and I'm not sure how to get around this for the simplest method of distribution [which rules out external patches])


you could extend this example to have 3,4,5...n dedicated players/mixers, and such a project would be very, very cool. maybe I'll do it myself when I need such a thing.