GL Line Scroll/Repeat

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I am trying to get a GL line to seem to scroll across a window, continuously.

In the comp attached you can see I have made it scroll but I would like it to scroll continuously and not back and forth which approaches a pseudo-effect.

I was thinking having the line shift to the bottom rapidly after reaching the top or outside of the screen space but there must be an elegant way to do this?


OpenGL "Duplicating"

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Hi there,

I cannot figure this out:

I am trying to do edgeblending strictly with GL – no core image.

The masking is easy. My problem is that I have to have something like 150px overlap between my 3 projectors.

Can I somehow show the same part of a GL scene in two different places?

Does it make sense?

Render In Image is banned :)



Depth Sort

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Hi there - to keep the text short:

Should i just forget all about getting this to work: The attached file.

(the problem is that there is always one sprite thats NOT transparent.)

from my reading at: - it seems that it is impossible to make the example i attached work.

Is this really true???