OSC Web Dance 3 (Composition by Prack)

Author: Prack
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial
Date: 2012.01.05
Compatibility: 10.5, 10.6
Required plugins:
Audio Tools, gl tools, qcOSC

OSC Web Dance 3 by PrackVJ aka Marcos Prack www.iprack.com

With this comp you can control a differents meshes. You can rotate, change colors, and make some funny things. You need an IPod Touch, or an IPad running TouchOSC app, and some more things.

You need to download the zip file, they have the .dae files, a readme file and the TouchOSC files.

You need to install some patches from Kineme: the Kineme Audio Tools and the Kineme GL Tools. Additionally you need to install the Hexler's qcOSC plugin, you can found it at


This is an excersise I made for my vjing session, you can use it, and modify it as you want. You can change the .dae files if you like too.

If you have any question you can write me to:

mprack at gmail dot com

I'm not an expert, so, the composition could be better, if you can improve it, please, send me your file, I like to learn from you. Thanks a lot, and thanks to the QC community.


TouchOSC with Quartz Composer

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Here is a simple video explaining how to connect TouchOSC with Quartz Composer.


iPad Open Frameworks | Porting to QC

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Er, wow, so cool, just wait till you see it. Fantastic. Based on Open Frameworks, but makes a multitouch application 3D ?

Wow :-)

Cocoa Touch/Android/AS3 Developer wanted

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Hi gang,

We are looking for a diverse developer with EXCELLENT OO skills and knowledge, who has experience with Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, iPhone/iPad development. Would also be great if this person had solid experience with Java/Android and/or Flash/AS3.

TV UI experience is a big plus, but not necessary. Agile experience/adoption is also a plus, but not necessary.

Ability to fluidly switch between multiple projects, adapt to ever-changing requirements, and work with little to no supervision essential. Not that you would be sitting in isolation, but things move fast around here, and we need someone who, once he/she has gotten up to speed, can go off and execute tasks, with surety, quality, and reliability.

The gig is in downtown Burbank, CA with Technicolor. Please respond here and I will send you the submission information personally. Don't want to push our recruiter's email address into the Spam-O-Sphere (not that Kineme is part of that but you never know who is trolling the boards).



Quartz Composition Translation/Compilation/Anything Else

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I am an independent computer programmer working on a game based in Quartz. I had planned to submit it to Apple as an iPad app, but you can probably imagine my expression when I had coded 4500 patches, and then discovered that my source for thinking that Quartz Composer was supported on the iPhone/iPad OS was false...

So what I would like to do is translate my Quartz Composition into an iPhone/iPad OS compatible language such as Cocoa and/or OpenGL. Is there any easy way to do this, or must it be done manually? My time is pretty much free.

Advice of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, mindoftea