Apple Keynote limitations - 30 seconds and stop?

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I've been trawling through the archives, and can't find a unified resource regarding QC integration with Keynote.

I've read about the limitation with unsafe patches.

I've also know that Keynote won't pass keyboard input, even for keypresses that aren't used by the program itself.

What's stumping me is a 30s limitation for playback. I've built a qlitch timer that uses System Time as a source variable, but after 30 seconds it simply stops.

If I select for the qtz file to loop in Keynote, it will, but that also restarts the timer.

Any thoughts?


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XML Downloader patch is not listed in KinemeCore's table of unsafe patches. None the less it seems not to work in Keynote app.

Keynote extensions

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Hi all,

The path of discovery of QC was actually initiated by a desire to extend Keynote. I see that all of the Keynote transitions and Smart Builds (SB) are made in QC, and my group has a need to enhance that functionality, especially the SBs.

Does anyone know how to do this? All I have found online is a note saying that Keynote does not have a plug-in architecture so adding transitions is difficult (if not impossible).

Even if I have to hack an existing SB, that would be fine. The problem there is all of them are in compiled NIBs.

To the point, what I would like to do first off, is take the Turntable SB and tilt it 90 degrees so that it presents more like a Ferris Wheel than a Lazy Susan.

ANY input on this GREATLY appreciated!