Geometry @ Caltech Page

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I've found this page to be interesting over the past long while, and return to it quite a bit. I figured it would be worth sharing with those on forum that have overlapping interests.

Rendering text mesh as particles

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Hi all !

I'm trying to render a 3D letter mesh as lines particles with Kineme Particle Tools, so :

  • I parse the mesh vertices structure through a "Get Mesh Component"
  • scan the obtained structure with an "Interpolation"
  • and connect the obtained coordinates to a "Particle Emitter"

But I have two troubles :

  • I would really like to preserve the holes in the letter ("A" in my example).
  • My letter isn't in 3D : when I rotate the whole thing I have lines connected to an unique point.

Do you think that my mesh is not well done (Blender text transformed in a mesh) ? Would you have any advice about parsing the mesh structure (and may be selecting "good points") to keep the "A" points ?

Thanks a lot in advance !


Draw QCMesh (Composition by gtoledo3)

Author: gtoledo3
License: (unknown)
Date: 2010.10.04
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

This composition allows for drawing of QCMesh with normals that work with the lighting environment, mesh that works with shadows, and also that doesn't cause any weird evaluation side effects (eg., other stuff in the composition ceasing to evaluate).

It features non contiguous drawing, all stock patches, ability to change color at any time (eg., typical "paint" feature), and line and point sprite modes (stock).


-Point Sprites have an aberration rendering with shadows where the shadow engine seems to think they are "larger" than they really are. This is an Apple bug, I believe, can't do anything about it.

-I've "deprecated" the Mesh filters (this composition is somewhat related to the "wiggle draw" I posted). When you "draw" while a filter is engaged, normals can break. This makes no sense given the patch ordering, and again, I believe this is an Apple/ QC mesh bug that I can't particularly do anything about.

-"Double clicking" to clear reduces queue count to 1 instead of 0, but this isn't really perceivable in visual result. This is to suppress a QCMesh log error when mesh creator is connected to a QCMesh render and while input ports are attached, but no structure is being fed (which I believe shouldn't happen to begin with, but log errors annoy me, so I did this to suppress it even though I believe it to be questionable. I would rather leave this value at 0 in a perfect world).

Wiggle Draw Mesh_gt (Composition by gtoledo3)

Author: gtoledo3
License: (unknown)
Date: 2010.09.28
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

This composition allows one to draw mesh.

Some features:

  • You can draw on mouse down/ not draw on mouse up.

  • You can change color as you draw.

  • _1024 Math and Perlin noise integration, for a fun wiggle effect.

  • Support for included mesh filters, for altering drawn mesh. This adds fun wave, bulge, noise, etc., effects.

(warning - do NOT try to introduce the Apple example mesh jiggle filter- it isn't included for a reason; the fact that mesh jiggle utilizes mouse position, and this draws, makes it work very badly together. You may get extremely bad graphics glitches, freezing and strobing of your display. Don't let this discourage you from using this composition, as posted.)

  • Ability to rotate drawn scene in space.

  • Support for changing Z, not just X/Y.

  • Support for "brute force" anti-aliasing, up to 2x.

Note: Install _1024 plugins for the "non-stock" wiggle functionality. Install _1024 plugins in your user Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plugins folder.

Collada Texture Noob

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Having issues importing a Collada (.dae) file into Quartz composer. I have done exactly as the following video made by god/man/beast Vade describes but it's not quite working. The Collada object (created in sketchup) appears but completely white without the textures. I am a total noob so any advice is appreciated