moving head mesh with webcam

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hi everyone, I've created a 3D model of an head with maya and i've imported it in QC. The idea is to make the head's eyes (but also the entire head) moving and following the movements of a spectator. It has to be like the head is always watching you no matter what movement you do. Which patches do I have to use?

I'm new with quartz composer, I've downloaded the CVTools plugin and I've found patches like motion detector, but i have non idea about how to use you have some tips, tutorials, links or everything useful for my project?

help me pls :) thank you

Motion tracking through CCV, QC and Animata

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Hi there,

I'm working on a motion tracking project and got into QC for that. Let me remind you that I'm a complete dummy in QC !

Let me explain where I'm to right now :

An actor wearing IR emiters ( ping-pong balls+IR lightspot ) is filmed with an IR cam (cam+ir filter), so that only blobs shows on the video. ( I tried using Wiimote, but it seems complicated since only 4 blobs are tracked... )

This input video goes through Community Core vision software, that allows me to send OSC signals. It's TUIO, wich means I'm able to grab that data in QC with the plugin available here. So far, I'v been able to track some blobs and have them rendered in QC.

I've also downloaded Mansteri's QC plugin, that allows me to send OSC messages to the software I'm planning to use to compose my puppets : Animata. Each blobs coordinates is to be sent to a precise joint or bone of my puppet, that I can target by using its name. The coordinates are separated. I have a node for X axis, and another one for Y axis...

My problem is that I successfully created a connection between CCV and QC on the one hand, and between QC and Animata, on the other hand, but I just can't figure out how to extract and separates blobs coordinates in QC !

With the TUIO plugin, I get blobs coordinates as a structure. In order to send it to Animata, I have to send x and y coordinates separately and I can't figure out how this can be done...

Knowing nearly nothing of qc language doesn't help... So I'm asking here, can this be done ?

Long story short : I have a structure input type, that contains blobs ids and their coordinates. How can I separate them by ID, then by axis X and Y ?

Hope I'm clear enough here... Dont hesitate to ask for further infos. If you know of a simple way to do what I'm trying to do I'd be glad to hear it !

Thanks for your interest and patience,

See you,


Camera transform matrix

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Im mucking around with Apple Motion 4. Motion is a 2.5D app. I notice that its API for writing plugins enables plugins to receive information about where the camera & object are in 3D space. I also notice that FxFactory Pro seems to have the ability to pass camera transform matrix and layer transform matrix to quartz compositions when fxfactory is used within motion.

Here is the fxfactory page that mentions this:

Unfortunately I know very little about matrix stuff and Im not quite sure how to handle it in Quartz Composer if I was trying to make a plugin for motion using quartz composer and have the view of a 3d object in the .qtz change as I move the camera or object within motions 3D space.

Any ideas where to start? Or if anybody knows of any existing quartz file or any of the fxfactory plugins that use this technique, because I dont even know how well motion handles this stuff.