motion detection

motion detection

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hi everybody,

does anyone know of a patch that does hand motion detection with quartz? I've tried cvtools-face-target.qtz which captures the face, but what do I need for it to capture and follow my hand? I'm very new to openCV.

thank you for any suggestions

CVTools Detecting lines after a time

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Hi !

I'm trying to detect lines from a movie / video input to trigger another movie stuck to these lines.

Actually, when the image is totally motionless it works very well, but a little movement make the Line Detection "panic".

What I would like to do is to wait a certain amount of time testing if there is movement in the image, and then trigger a line detection only once to launch the second movie.

I guess I have these steps to realize, but I can't manage to find how :

  1. testing movement in time
  2. triggering one detection if the image is not moving too much (it can't be really motionless if this is a video input / movie)
  3. storing the line structure
  4. testing again if there is movement. If yes : I delete the stored lines and then restart at point 1.

I wonder how to make a median of velocities values in time. May be with a queue ?

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot in advance !

Human mapping

Hi all. I like to make something but i don't know how. i like to make "human mapping", with sensors in the musician's bodys, making "moving masks", maybe in quartz composer? with what sensors? its possible? maybe with motion detection? how a can make a movable mask in QC? thanks! marcos