Movie Loader slowing down

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I saw this posting on the movie loader and works pretty well.

great tutorial on movie loader.

They mention about changing the rate to slow it down.
Does anyone know where in the javascript I could do that instead of jumping frames. Always giving credit.

function (__number position, __boolean reset) main (__number inputNumber[8], __number duration) { var result = new Object(); var slice = duration/8;

if(inputNumber[0]>0){ result.position = slice*1-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[1]>0){ result.position = slice*2-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[2]>0){ result.position = slice*3-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[3]>0){ result.position = slice*4-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[4]>0){ result.position = slice*5-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[5]>0){ result.position = slice*6-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[6]>0){ result.position = slice*7-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[7]>0){ result.position = slice*8-slice; result.reset = true; } else{ result.reset=false; }

return result; }


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Striking a pose in sync.

Issues with the "Movie Importer" patch while rendering with QCRenderer

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I am writing a program for OS X Lion that is basically a video mixer. I create a QCRenderer with my patch using initOffScreenWithSize:colorSpace:composition:. I then programmatically pass video from a camera and a path to a movie file to two separate inputs of the patch. The movie file is then loaded by a "Movie Importer" patch. The problem is that the movie importer returns an error and no movie.

The error is: *** Message from : ERROR: Running movie on thread 0x109106000 while initialized on thread 0x1053b5000

This message appears upon processing most of the frames, sometimes it works. This is what I'm doing to get an image from the QCRenderer.

[offscreenQCRenderer renderAtTime:[NSDate timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate] arguments:nil]; NSImage *frame = [offscreenQCRenderer createSnapshotImageOfType:@"NSImage"];

Inside the patch I the "Movie Importer" patch time is set to external, and I pass it a modified patch time; looping the overall patch time with a "Round" patch to the length of the movie.

Any help with fixing this is greatly appreciated.

Video Scratching

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I am looking for a good way to "scratch video" in QC. By scratch, I mean analogous to Dj scratching in that one can alter the speed, position, and direction of a video on the fly using some fader, rotary, or other controller.

I have looked around, and it seems as though dust made it pretty good with his approach but I found no file to dive into.

The internet hints at using some sort of queue system to drive the video's position from what I have gathered.

Of course, if I hook up the mouse input to the rate, or selection start, the video becomes choppy. I know there is a good way to do this.

If someone could point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated

Conditional Logic?

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I'm new to QC, trying to build a New Years Eve countdown clock, would appreciate any guidance, struggling a little with the QC logic...

The clock needs to countdown in mm:ss from 11pm, then just seconds in the final minute. At 00:00 I'd like to play a QT file.

I found this old forum archive... and have managed to get half way there, as attached.

Not quite sure how to trigger the QT patch at 00:00. I can't think how to stop the countdown part and play the QT, without the counter happening in the background? I was thinking I could use a condition something like if minutes = 0 AND seconds = 0 then play QT but this would return false when the counter restarts at 59:59.