Weekly Quartz Tutorials I'm starting if anyone is interested

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I'm starting weekly short tutorials from Quartz (and some other programing stuff), first one is the basics of basics but next one will hopefully be more advanced. So if anyone is interested, or knows someone that wants to get into Quartz, please give them a go.

The channel of the tutorials can be found here:

Hello Kineme World

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Hello all out there in Kineme World. I am some what new to Quartz but really liking it thus far. Been tooling around it for a couple months. In a masters program for Design and Digital Media and found my way to Quartz. A big apple fan and not that big of programer. Been hanging around Kineme more and more and decided now was the time to sign up.

Working on a project where I am trying to create visuals that respond to live audio. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate some nods in places to explore. I am a pro at making a cubes height or a spheres radius change due to volume peaks.