GLSL Noise and Extrusion - Kinect

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I made a blog post about setting up a GLSL shader to do an extrusion function and noise function, inspired by the gl point/noise look of the cool plugin from _1024 / franz, posted yesterday, setup for using the kinect tools output.

Hopefully, the shader based approach is of use, and is a good jump off point for customization. Many thanks to franz for the inspiration on look; I'm saying happy holidays with another "snow storm"! :)

Perspective transform onto curved surfaces within quartz composer

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I'm looking for a mechanism to perspective transform video for projection onto a curved surface. A package like 1024_perspective would be perfect if it weren't for the fact that I all of the patches that I've found only have corner pin transformation options. I really need sort of... mid point pins as well (which I obviously realise entails far mor advanced transformations).

A system which maps video onto a mesh such as PB mesh might be a partial solution but I really need to be able to tweak the parameters of the warp without having to create a new mesh.

I know it might be possible to write something using the GLSL shader in Quartz Composer but I would have to teach myself OpenGl code as its not something I've met before. It's something of a long term project but so its not something I would shy away from however I would rather not have to.

Does everyone have any ideas as to how to go about this?


Using GLUT in QC custom plugin

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Hi, is it possible to use GLUT library inside a custom QC plugin? I tried to do that in this way:
* add GLUT framework to my project
* add

#import <OpenGL/OpenGL.h>
#import <OpenGL/gl.h>
#import <OpenGL/glu.h>

in my plugin.h

now, if in the execute method I try to make a simple sphere with this simple code..

- (BOOL) execute:(id<QCPlugInContext>)context atTime:(NSTimeInterval)time withArguments:(NSDictionary*)arguments
GLUquadricObj *quadratic;
gluQuadricNormals(quadratic, GLU_SMOOTH);
gluQuadricTexture(quadratic, GL_TRUE);

..nothing happens. Where I am wrong?

Thank you, Luke


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Just thought I'd share this item found via, not specifically QC related, but very inspiring, a Java based OpenGL application that draws and exports supershapes, very quick rendering of such shapes, possibly could act as a visual guide to what formula[s] to use.

3D SuperShapes