Phidget Accelerometer Patch transition from Tiger

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Hiroaki from Japan made in 2006 this Phidget Accelerometer Patch for Quartz Composer in Tiger. Hiroaki's website Is somebody interested in transforming it into Leopard or Snow Leopard? I attach the sourcefile and the XCodeproject Hiroaki provides.

How to make a screensaver from a quartz composition with a plugin

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I have tried to make a screensaver in Quartz Composer that checks the load average value on your computer, and displays an image accordingly - a photograph of a toaster with a piece of toast in it, that gets more burnt as your load average increases.

To do this, I had to use an official plugin from apple, that is the Command Line Tool. I have attached both my composition and the plugin.

Dropping the .qtz file on the screensavers folder doesn't work, and i think this is because of the plugin. Do I have to make a mac screensaver plugin to be able to use this?

If so, how could I build that in xcode to bundle in the plugin and the composition? I have never used xcode before...

loading un official components from qc plug-in.

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so this is a general question in regards to the qc runtime environment. so i have lost a lot of sleep trying to get a QC plugin to load an external audio unit plugin from a component bundle. all is not at a loss because the journey down this road has enabled me to learn a lot more about audio unit programing than i originally intended while trying to make a simple AU Host.

what is happening is during the qc runtime of the plugin qc apparently only loads up and registers only "apple" core audio units. which are located in directory /System/Library/Components/

the audio units i am trying to load are located in the /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components directory.

what is strange to me is that if i run my plugin as an application in the console everything works, but once i run the code using qc to with the same code qc will only find apple components. it seems the issue is with the quartz runtime environment.

does anybody know what the trick is to circumnavigate this issue making it possible to load external components ? i find it hard to believe that this would not be possible. i know QC is intended for motion graphics but given that context i would also like to be able to load my camera component bundle up as well so QC will recognize my camera but i'm reluctant to even try that given the headaches i'm getting trying to load up a simple AU graph.

i have implemented various methods in an attempt to load up components that normally are automatically loaded.

some methods i have tried. load NSbundle from path. load NSPlugin from path. load Component from FSPath load Component from CFURL load Component from resource etc...

i have wrote a script that dynamically registers all the components in a given path. I have used instruments file activity to verify that quartz composer does in-fact find the directory and not only does it find the directory but registers all the components in that path dynamically all in one shot. this is the call Instruments verifies.

"CFURLCreateDataAndPropertiesFromResources" /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/

So i know my code is working one because it works in the console standalone and 2 because Instruments verifies that qc is actually doing what i asked it do.

All is not at a loss i have figured out how to make an official and un official plugin. i have made an AU factory to instantiate Audio unit parameters, i also have learned how to load the views into a qc patch settings nib, which is cool because 1 you get parameters to automate and 2 you also get the GUI made by the manufacturer of the audio unit.

it is great an all that this works in the context of an application bundle but that really defeats the purpose of me making an AU Host plugin for QC. I mean Garage Band and Au Lab come for free as it is which are easy enough to integrate into the multi task environment with qc but still....

so given all that the system core audio components and effects that qc recognizes are very powerful but i don't find a plugin of this type to be very effective if i can't load my own component up in qc let alone someone else's component. given that everybody uses the core audio unit component manager and CA API this is pretty standard stuff for the desktop and iphone. i am not using any external libs or frameworks its all apple API so I am confident that this is entirely possible.

any suggestions from anybody that knows c, c++, obj c, obj c++, qc etc...

i feel that people would find this type of plugin very useful and most defiantly will share it.