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iniTreeStructure (iniTree with vertices output)

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Some days ago I posted iniTree plugin, that allow to draw recursive ternary trees. Gtoledo suggested to rewrite the plugin as a provider. Asking the community what is the best way to output a structure from a QCplugin, I used the method suggested by dust, and the implemented iniTreeStructure, which is a iniTree plugin witch outputs vertices positions.


  • numDiv (1-3): how many branches will have your tree.
  • growDelay: how much time the tree branches will spend in growing/shrinking.
  • aperture: tree aperture.
  • add/remove level: add/remove tree level.


  • vertices: tree vertices positions. They are ordered so as to be rendered using GL_LINES, so if you attach this output to GL line structure and use line type Line segments, the output will be right.

Polar 3D Point Structure from Cartesian Point Structure and back again conversion patches.

Sometimes it's much easier to animate point data by modulating it's distance from a point (say origin point for simplicity).

When dealing with a large set of points and using Javascript to convert ["X","Y","Z"] to ["d","theata1","theata2"] is pretty CPU intensive. It takes enough CPU just to adjust the values of the points you want that it would make sense to do the arbitrary co-ord system conversion inside two custom plugins.

I guess OpenCL lends itself to this but I'm a) on Leopard and b) like the idea of a simple plugin to do this c) will find OpenCL daunting when I do get to it! d) hear OpenCL is unstaaaable at this point.

One patch to convert point structure objects from [x, y, z] to [d, Θ1, Θ2]. Mess with d value on some of the points (or Θ1/Θ2 values if that's your thing). Another patch to convert from [d, Θ1, Θ2] back to [x, y, z] to be feed to Kineme Point Structure patch.

I know it's not a good time to request new Kineme patches but I figured in a way it's quite a simple build (if you can do that sort of thing which I obviously can't) and it might interest somebody as an exercise. Conceptually at least it sounds easy!

Collada DAE to GL Tools Structure via OpenCL (Composition by gtoledo3)

Author: gtoledo3
License: (unknown)
Date: 2009.12.20
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

This is a composition that shows the simplest way to turn a loaded dae/collada object into a structure that can be rendered by GL Tools 1.4 structure render patches.

I'm including a sphere for testing. Sooo, have both files on your desktop, or say, in downloads... the same folder, or replace with the model of your choice.

Below, are some clips of a little more fleshed out (though less universal) version, with some extra mesh filtering going on...

Kineme 3D Vertices as a Structure?

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Is it possible to access a k3d object vertices as a structure or something? There are default noise,bend and other transformation patches, but I need some more control over those vertices. Can you guys tell me if its possible?