Blob Tracking Quartz Balloons

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Hi, Juddy from Melbourne , Australia.

I am looking to track slow moving balloons and then project on them in darkness with a Kinect or IR camera setup possibly using quartz with audio reactive plugins.

Currently looking at a combination of Kinect, QC, Modulate and Madmapper but having trouble getting this to work.

Can anyone with similar experience suggest a different setup/chain/workflow?

Thanks very much in advance


Problems playing/using Quartz Movie with custom plugin

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I have an application where I need to make a Quartz movie using Quartz Composer and a custom plugin and have it run in a 3rd party application which is capable of playing Quartz movies.

As a first step I successfully developed my custom plug in using Xcode and 'built' a composition in Quartz Composer. I got this all running in Quartz Composer and this works totally fine in the viewer inside Quartz Composer.

Subsequently I tried to play it in the 3rd party application and it would not play, other parts of the movie played but my plugin simply did not function. I then tried QuickTime player and on one machine it behaved exactly the same - movie played but my plugin didn't function. On another machine I get the error "Quicktime player quit unexpectedly while using the "My Plugin Name" plug-in.

After this I was a little baffled and I read the forums and I came across the notion of Safe and Unsafe patches. I am wondering if this is why my patch doesn't work in applications other than Quartz composer.

If I enable the "Indicate Unsafe Patches" menu item then it shows an unlocked padlock icon on plug in presumably indicating it is in fact Unsafe.

On reading the forums further I came across mention of the Kineme Core plug in for QC, and that it had a UI for telling the system which patches were safe for which applications. I installed this and selected the KinemeCore Preferences, Unsafe mode, I successfully added the QuickTime player application to the application list but it fails to show my 'Custom patch' in the list of unsafe patches...

Some questions:

Am I on the right track, is it not playing my custom plugin because it is considered unsafe?
How can I tell 'an application' or the system that it is safe?
What is the correct way do achieve what I am wanting to do?
Any ideas on why I can't see my patch in the KinemeCore preferences Unsafe Mode list...
Any other ideas, useful information welcome.

I should also say I am mostly a Windows developer so I am new to Quartz technolgy and developing on a Mac.

Thank you,
Kind Regards,

Initialize variables once in Javascript

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How to initialize variable once in Javascript? I need to memorize and use old variables data. For example, in another programming environment, whenever executed some function, it can saves input arguments to array variable ; array.push(arg). So it makes possible to get some old data in array variable. But in qc, variables initialized newly at each frame. It is ok, not a way using Javascript. Does anybody help?


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There's a glsl fragment shader oriented node system that's popped up for openframeworks. At the moment, it's really alpha, has some bugs (don't go using it for production!), but I think it has a great deal of potential, and I'm pretty excited about it. There are already some really great novel features, like being able to see the texture at each patch node in the editor, and being able to mask or warp that result in the editor, in an interaction-like way.

I'm going to try to make contributions to it in my spare time, and if anyone else sees some potential in making this system rock, I encourage them to dive in too!

Patricio is a cool developer, aware of the qc scene, and I think it's an awesome opportunity for the worlds of openframeworks and node systems like qc to collide, hopefully in a good way! It's on github and opensource, so anyone can dive in and tweak the project, fork it, etc.

Also, the somewhat related addon, ofFX, is very cool as well.


... and has some super easy syntax for chaining fragment shaders.

I'm going to try to fill in gaps in the filter selections, add some stuff for fractals and raymarching/raytracing, and help with some editor polish as time permits. I know there are some real whizzes out there on this forum, and it would be cool to see some contributions from people with people that know the benefit and drawbacks from the qc way of doing stuff. I'd kind of love to see the qc scene get behind something opensource like this, and rock it.

AUSampler Preset Patch (Composition by dust)

Author: dust
License: (Other — see description)
Date: 2012.01.20
Compatibility: 10.7
Required plugins:
AUSampler Plugin

here is an AUSampler plugin for QC. with apples new AUSampler component in lion.. it is now possible to quickly make software instruments by saving a preset .plist file and loading it up in your quartz or iPhone applications....

fully supported with midi io. just plug your keyboard in and launch the plugin and start playing immediately no conditional logic hassles set up or anything.

if more complex routings are more your style then you can programmatically send midi messages to the qc sampler from qc or any other host or hardware interface you have. the plugin also provides midi structured outputs messages so you have access to some raw midi note cc, and device data ;)

by using presets you can create lush multi-timbral sounds with complex parameter mapping. by sending the sampler a midi note or midi cc structure you can then gain access to performance filters and lfo's etc... it is also possible to load .dls sound fonts into the sampler editor and save them as AUSampler presets.

build some sequences in qc or add some physics to midi or maybe just add some generative soundss to your qc file.

please check the read me for the proper sample file locations.. you can load a preset from anywhere... sounds need to go in /Library/Audio/Sounds folder or the plugin Resources folder if you want to redistribute. i have included a sample preset to play with and directions on how to quickly make your own.

the plugin will not load if your presets and sounds folders are empty.