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Render in Image is slowing my frame rate

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I have to pack my stuff into render in image but when I do that my frame rate drops from 60fps to 12 does anyone know what is going on and how to fix this

Multi-View RII

This patch would be like a Render In Image/Stereoscopic Environment, save that it would have 2 or more outputs that could be set to totally different camera views, allowing one to render a front and a side view simultaneously.

This could possibly be incorporated into the "Slice RII" concept/request, if it is possible at all.

Slice RII

This patch would be a Render In Image type patch that would be able to configure multiple outputs for a scene (through settings or an input port), each with corresponding adjustable near and far z clip input parameters.

With some care on the part of the user, this would allow one to construct a scene inside of a render in image that could be output to a stack of sprites, with each one being consecutively blurred more than the last, from front to back, to imitate depth - a pretty common old school animation technique.

It could also be used for other types of volume rendering.

Particle Textured -Render in Image

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Hi: I have a problem trying to render in an image a textured particle scene. Everything works ok but when I try to render it in a RenderInImage patch the particles stop showing. (nothing at all) It only happens with the ParticleRender:Textured. Not with Standard that works fine. I already tryed changing image size and depth test settings with no succes. I'm using OSX10.5 on a mac book pro.

Thanks. DX™

Render In Image | GLSL | OpenCL | v002

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I've been lately seeking to get some good results using Meshes within Render in Image to then be further processed via v002 Rutt Extra. Although the input line shows a rendering image when RII is set to 2D [textured or not], the rendering of all imagery ceases at such a setting and can only be obtained using a Rectangle setting.

There seems to be a bit of incompatibility twixt GLSL Shaders and Mesh Renderers too, although I'm pretty sure I've discovered a quick and dirty workaround for that.

Please find attached the music visualizer protocol version. It employs the otherwise automatically jiggly mesh construction , v002 Rutt Extra & a .dae that I've also attached for completeness.

I'll be uploading the GLSL problem example later today :-) That one employs v002 Optical Flow.

I hasten to add that these compositions can be easily modified to work by means of not trying to 2D the RII or juxtaposing a Mesh Renderer anywhere near, above or to the side of a GLSL Shader patch.


As it happens the GLSL problem seems to be entirely dependent upon the kind of shader that is employed to reproduce the problem referred to as I now have textured Meshes via GLSL shading