Facebook Graph API and Quartz Composer

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This might be (and actually is) old information, but I think that it's better to publish this anyways. I managed to figure this out today.

Here is a simple example of how to get information from Facebook to Quartz Composer. This composition gets the names and profile pictures of your (or anyone else's for that matter) friends. For me it seems, that it doesn't get all of my FB friends to QC, but 717 out of 742 friends came just fine. It might be that this is because of the rather complex privacy policies in FB.

You will need your Facebook id and an access token to get it working. You will get both of these by logging in to FB and going to Facebook Graph API Explorer ( The Explorer is a great way to find out what kind of information you can get from FB. The access token you get from the FB Graph API Explorer expires quite quickly, but I think that there is some way to get a long time access token. Not sure how just yet.

For me seems a good way to start tinkering with Facebook.

The composition uses DataTools, NetworkTools and FileTools from Kineme as well as JSON to Structure from smokers (

So, shall we re-visualize social media then?

Mappit: A Quartz Video Mapping App

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I wanted to make a dead simple, standalone program for Video Mapping - 2 windows, simple controls, photo/video.

It is amazingly useful as a mapping tool - think quad with corner controls. Mappit can use photos and videos.

To all those here, thanks for all the help along the way I couldn't have done it without you. I am sure someone will find this useful.

Check it out, and grab a copy here

IO Gesture (Composition by gtoledo3)

Author: gtoledo3
License: (unknown)
Date: 2009.08.27
Compatibility: 10.5
Required plugins:

This is a really simple gesture recognition trick. I'm inspired to post this from Dust's post on gesture recognition. (Thanks for the inspiration Dust!)

This qtz is an extremely simple idea, and not an all encompassing system for gesture recognition. The setup of the qtz is actually a bit leading in causing the participator to "do" what they need to do to make it work.

The leading thought was "what is the simplest possible setup to make an idea like this work?".