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So while working with a couple different means of data managing across multiple machines (30+ locally, on the same network.) We've decided to set up a single mac as a webserver and have that mac pull all the various data points from different locations and funnel them down into a single data point for the other mac to pull from via a plist on the webserver using the structure to/from file toolset. Upon doing this I discovered the limitation of only being able to read from a local path in the plugin. I was wondering what anyone thought of a url loader for the structure from file to allow plist loading from url, or how hard it would be to implement. I know the Xml file reader will pull the plist off the webserver but its not going to work for my particular practices due to the formating of the plist file.



Value Recorder (Composition by dust)

Author: dust
License: (unknown)
Date: 2010.01.30
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

so here is a basic value recorder made in qc. the start of the recording begins immediately as you hit play on the viewer, it is automated to stop recording once the preset time limit has been reached. this is so your values are not recorded over once your length has been reached. you can dump your recording to disk and or playback pre recorded motions as well as play back from memory. this patch is basically a quartz implementation of kineme's value historian. there can be many uses for this patch. macros can be made and the code can be re-used to record any additional values you want instead of my xy mouse coordinates. the requisite plug-in i believe is kineme file or structure tools ?

you can play back your recording from memory in stock format without the plugin if you like. there are many uses for a system like this. maybe you want to record and compare gestures, maybe you want record your vj set and render offline later with quartz crystal or maybe you just want to record some interactivity that can be played back in a quartz builder or in a x-code application context.

you decide what to record and how to play it back. the timing for this patch is based on the length of your recording and the fps your patch is running. so enter in an approximation of the fps your patch is running and how long you want to record in seconds. once your time limit has been reached you get a message saying you have reached your recording limit and then you simply choose to save your recording to disk, or play back from memory.

kineme structure to file and structure from file troubles

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Ok, Im using the structure to file plugin to write a plist of a structure that is 7500 indexes long. When I use the structure from file plugin to bring the plist back into quartz the structure is in no decernable order, is there any way to sort this list,

Ive tried the structure sort (not to sure on all the keys to use with it though) but it jumps the structure names and sorts the values which is not what I want.

the plist structure is laid out as follows


as I stated previously, only the final value would get sorted but I need the "quartzstructure_####" sorted instead.

If anybody could shed some light and assist me it would be greatly appreciated