text to image?

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I'm trying to work with text as image, so that I can apply a kaleidescope, textures, etc to text. Is there a patch that will help with this? I've tried the "image with string" patch but it doesn't work.

Thanks for any ideas on this!

simple comp to display lines of text from file

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This quartz composition reads text from a file and then displays it one line at a time over and over. Intended to be brought into Resolume and manipulated.

I'm just getting started with QC, looked around for other posted compositions and patches for doing this and never really saw quite this. Hopefully this is useful to others. I couldn't figure out how to split s string on newlines natively in QC so used javascript patch. This probably is a performance hit, I would think, so if anyone knows a better way... (I want the input file to be able to be just plain text, i don't want to have to convert to XML or some other format.)

cheers, steev

Camtwist scoreboard composition for ustream broadcasting.

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I've just finished my first composition in Quartz. It's a live scoreboard updated via RSS feeds. The text in the scoreboard is perfectly clear when I look at it in the viewer. It's fuzzy as heck when I broadcast through Ustream. I've tried to configure camtwist to use a higher than default resolution. Right now it's 480x360, and I've got Adobe FMLE configured to stream the same resolution, but I can't see any noticeable improvement over 320x240.

I've used a Tricaster with Adobe FME (on a PC) with 480x360 and it's looked great. Has anyone got any experience here, that might help me clear my text up?

Thanks! Adam