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I've been hanging around these forums for some time now, and it's been very helpful. I get the clear impression though, that I'm using QC for something wildly different than what most of you are doing.

I've built a suite of video effects, to be used a graphic overlays to web streamed broadcasts of amateur wrestling. The primary user is USA Wrestling, the national governing body for the sport. I've got a live scoreboard, and some other effects.

I've been working on a ticker, that would show results, on deck information, team scores, headlines, etc. I have it mostly done, although it could probably use a little clean up. I have a big issue I need your help with. The effect doesn't run perfectly smoothly. That is, it's jittery. With scrolling text, that's very obvious and almost gives you a headache. It sometimes runs perfectly until the CPU is a little bit taxed.

I'll attach my composition, and the plugin I created that it needs, and the source code for that plugin. I really feel like the problem is somewhere in the QC code, rather than in my plugin, as my patches only run once in a while. I've tried to replace a significant portion of the QC code with a custom patch, but that seemed to only make things worse. That code is in the attached project also.

Can you please help me find a way to make this ticker run more smoothly?

Additional info. Because the information in the ticker is somewhat time sensitive, I built it this way so that I can refresh the info just before each segment is displayed. When I tried to do that with other tickers I saw, I kept having problems with the width of a segment changing causing positioning issues.

Rss Crawler/Ticker

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Hi All,

I am trying to make a news ticker, I found a composition that already has this feature but it can not switch to next news article properly. What I want to do is, just show the first news article, both title and description, title stay still and description will crawl from right to left. When the first article went out of display, I want to switch to next one.

It is easy to send news article after specific interval, but what I found difficult is, how to tell application that this article has finished and now stop scrolling, and then switch to next article. I tried to simulate a delay mechanism or switch with javascript, but it wasn't successful.

It is difficult to say, now we have a new article, go and scroll one time, when done jump to next news and start scrolling. The interpolation mechanism should be in loop to work. If I use External Timebase, and try to control it with Stop Watch, then problem is how to start and reset that stop watch properly. I can't find any way to do that.

Both compositions that I have attached here, I found it here or through Google and unfortunately I can't remember the name of authors, so credit for most of sections goes to them.

Any help would be appreciated.