paid job, March 6th deadline, GoPro 5 Wifi video to QTZ input

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Headline says it all – I need to get the Wifi Live Preview stream from a GoPro Hero 5 into Quartz Composer. The GoPro spits out low res video via UDP from port 8554. Anyone?

I have not been able to successfully view the live stream using VLC, nor ffplay, yet, but apparently it does work.

Is there a bug in the Network patches in the latest version of Quartz Composer

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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, but this seems like the most active community of Quartz Composer users, and I have a pressing question.

I am having a problem with the Network Broadcaster, Network Receiver, and Network Synchronizer patches in the latest version of Quartz Composer (Version 4.6(151)). Whenever I try to modify either the Port Number, or the first field of the IP address in the settings of these patches, I get a beep and the value isn't modified. I can see no messages in the console. I have tried this on two different machines, both running Mavericks and the latest version of QC. The patches seem to work with their default values, but I can't do anything to change the values.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have an idea of how to work around it?

Thank you for your help!