The Chaos Game (Composition by Raconteur)

Author: Raconteur
License: (unknown)
Date: 2010.03.10
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

As a learning exercise I decided to put together a QC version of Michael Barnsley's Chaos Game.

The game is simple. Take an equilateral triangle with each vertex colored differently. I used red for the apex, green for the lower left, and blue for the lower right. Then specify a random point. From that point, choose a random vertex and plot the point half-way from the starting point to the vertex. Choose another random vertex, and plot the point half-way between the last point and the new vertex. Repeat across n iterations.

Usually the guess of what this will produce is either "a mess" or "a triangle", but, as Michael Barnsley discovered, it creates a beautiful fractal known as the Sierpinski Triangle, which is a fractalization of equilateral triangles.

Here is the comp. MUCH THANKS to cybero, smokris, gtoledo3, jersmi, and everyone else who chimed in, and stuck with me through a painful learning curve.

I'd love to hear any comments, enhancements, optimizations, etc. that anyone has to offer.

One thing I tried to do, since the QC work I am doing at work involves creation of componentry, was to create macros, and reusable bits. Please feel free to cannibalize this thing and use whatever you'd like in your own work.



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