Palindrome (Mirrored Loop) Video Buffer (Composition by benoitlahoz)

Author: benoitlahoz
License: (unknown)
Date: 2010.10.07
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

I needed a palindrome video buffer but couldn't manage to find something... May be I've been blind... Whatever, that was a good exercise !

If it can be useful to someone...

CarasueloBuffer_upload.qtz28.47 KB

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Re: Palindrome (Mirrored Loop) Video Buffer (Composition by ...

Hey, congratulations for the post! It seems to work smoothly; I haven't really looked at the noodling, but I've played around with it. ¡Qué Divertido!

Nice choice of controls; those tension controls are always neat for this kind of thing. One classic effect that would be a next step would be adding a sine slur option in addition to your linear/tension setup.

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Re: Palindrome (Mirrored Loop) Video Buffer (Composition by ...

Thanks ! Would you pass by a structure applied to the interpolation ? a math expression ? I'll be thinking (and tinkering) about it.

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Re: Palindrome (Mirrored Loop) Video Buffer (Composition by ...

The reason I was inspired to say that, is that there is a Free Frame effect that would basically be something like your composition, but instead of a linear interpolation going in mirror loop mode, it would be powered by a sine curve. So, I guess in the context of your composition, you would get an LFO and set it so that the amplitude gets as large as your final index, and "offset" it so that the lowest value is 0.

You could get a multiplexer and use that so you could flip between your interpolate method, or an LFO based control. It might be interesting to take the product of the Interpolate and the LFO, and then multiply each by a factor and add together.

I wouldn't be constructing an sine structure and adding that in though (your first question)... the lfo would basically be used in place of, or in conjunction with the interpolation.

Hey, it's really cool as is, just throwing ideas out there.

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Re: Palindrome (Mirrored Loop) Video Buffer (Composition by ...

Wow ! Great ideas ! To be continued !