OpticalFlow_OpenCL_Movie_Feed (Composition by cybero)

Author: cybero
License: (unknown)
Date: 2010.06.06
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

The composition is a fairly simple exploitation of an optical flow OpenCL kernel developed from the kernel code published @ [mrkbrz work and ported to QC.

Part of a growing raft of constructs exploiting the facility, textured & untextured to re-create video using OpenCL, upon and within mesh renders, and by various other means.

This construct dispenses with Meshes entirely, although use could be made of some sort of queued Image to Structure setup or another, similar construct to process the video feed say into a Particle Mesh render, re-creating the video feed presented.

This is the video feed before being filtered through the OpenCL kernel.

& this is the video feed after being filtered through the OpenCL kernel

See elsewhere in the Repository for the Particle Mesh variant.

It, OpticalFlow_OpenCLParticleMesh, is the pepper to the salt of this construct.