Icosahedron (Composition by gtoledo3)

Author: gtoledo3
License: (Other — see description)
Date: 2012.06.12
Compatibility: 10.5, 10.6, 10.7
Required plugins:

I was checking out the source for fragmentarium (http://syntopia.github.com/Fragmentarium/ ...licensed under GPL/LGPL ) , and setup the shaders to work in QC. This is an Icosahedron fractal running in QC's glsl shader patch.

It's fairly slow, so don't expect it to be a real time thing at high quality settings. :-)

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Re: Icosahedron (Composition by gtoledo3)

Impressive GLSL port.

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Re: Icosahedron (Composition by gtoledo3)

Fragmentarium basically uses GLSL #130, and also splits up parts of the shaders so that pieces can be swapped out on the fly. That way, you can have a depth equation ("DE") loaded, and try out different raytracing methods, for example. It also sets up some syntax so the app can make sliders for the shaders...there might be one or two other things that it does "special", but I can't remember for sure.

To convert a script to GLSL #120, it's not too hard, just a little tedious. :-)

The one thing I ran into was that a few of the fractals would seize up my computer/gpu, or not render correctly in fragmentarium or QC (spudsville and polychora type shaders seem to not work properly on my gpu - causes freezes, mandelabeth fractals seem to render as white blobs, etc.). I'll post a link to some of the ones I've converted in a bit.