Kinect Slideshow (Composition by lookitscook)

Author: lookitscook
License: MIT
Date: 2012.01.31
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

A simple slideshow browser using Kinect camera for interaction.

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Re: Kinect Slideshow (Composition by lookitscook)

That is a very nice example, clear and smart.

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Re: Kinect Slideshow (Composition by lookitscook)

Hi, Could someone help me out with this. I'm fairly new to this stuff and I can't seem to get this to work. When I run it, It says:

10:47:04.082 ["Directory Scanner" @ "Macro Patch"] > Directory "/Users/name/Documents/folder_2/test/kinect_slideshow/slideshow" scan started 10:47:04.583 ["Directory Scanner" @ "Macro Patch"] > Directory scan completed 10:47:04.684 ["Image Importer" @ "Macro Patch"] > Downloading image "file://localhost/Users/name/Documents/folder_2/test/kinect_slideshow/slideshow/picture1.jpeg" 10:47:05.101 ["Image Importer" @ "Macro Patch"] > Image downloaded

But nothing happens and the screen is white.

Am I missing some extra plugins, besides KinectTools?

I'm playing with these: Lion QC Version 4.6 (148) kinect model 1414