line to sound iteration (Composition by realtime)

Author: realtime
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
Date: 2011.09.30
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

inspired by Stephan Tillmans photos ( i tried to compile something like it in Quartz to use as VJ sample. really sketchy & messy composition. i feel that my knowledge of iterators use is baby steps at this point..

so far i really enjoy it's visual output, but i'm sure it can go way further. some feedback loop probably would do magic, but i'm afraid to kill fps. another thing that looks like suitable for the job is GLSL Grid but my knowledge in this field is not even baby steps.. so advise/comment of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

requires v002 Dilate plugin ( i found that this plugin works superb with generative stuff and even gives some lovely glitches if tuned right.


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Re: line to sound iteration (Composition by realtime)

Nice patch, works sweetly with Audio Tools input. The primary object can be one of a wide range of alternatives to Line, which, correct me if I'm wrong anyone, but isn't that reckoned to be a slower than some other object patches? So might be some room for improvement in that regard and in any case you've got the basis there for adding in all sorts of alternates, like Spline, GL Line and so on.

I found I had to recompile Dilate from source and it now is again available to me in Lion, so thanks for prompting me in that direction again :-).

One of many great posts this Friday.

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Re: line to sound iteration (Composition by realtime)

hey, thanks and cheers!

and since its's Friday, i'm going to get myself patched with few drinks-)