Starting Bang (Composition by scalf)

Author: scalf
License: Public Domain
Date: 2014.01.14
Compatibility: 10.8
Required plugins:

This composition sends a bang after a certain amount of time since the composition was loaded.

This was helpful to enable certain functions or start certain chains of events after a program was started.

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Re: Starting Bang (Composition by scalf)

Interesting. I'm doing it this way as far as 'init bangs' are concerned!

Init_Bang.qtz2.81 KB

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Re: Starting Bang (Composition by scalf)

Just use a Signal patch.

The problem with this virtual macro is that tolerance is at 0 (you can't assume that patch time is going to hit that exact value, it may occasionally skip past), and that Pulse isn't needed.

Taking time to sit down and go through all of the patches in QC is a real must, at some point or another. Multiple times.

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Re: Starting Bang (Composition by scalf)

Thanks for the alternative dimitri, that is a super smooth way to do it.

And gtoledo, I do not have a signal patch in my install, that was my first thought of course. Is there a stock patch that already facilitates this?

I also see the tolerance is 0, but since it is >= wouldn't the conditional catch it at any other point afterwards if it did skip?

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Re: Starting Bang (Composition by scalf)

My apologies, I must have gone crosseyed or something, I thought it was equals.

If you hold down option while looking at preferences, you'll find Private Patches, I think under Editor (maybe system). I use the patch quite a bit over the years, seems to work real well.

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Re: Starting Bang (Composition by scalf)

Wow that tip is totally a winner. I had no idea there are other patches that were never listed!

And the "Signal" patch that this reveals is exactly what I was looking for - that's too bad it doesn't come stock. Either way, this is a wealth of new patches thank you.