Kineme Quartz Composition Repository

Category: Tutorial
Title Author Submitted
Arduino Ultrasonic triggering of delayed mirror, explained leon 2015.06.17
GLSL Front Facing Demo gtoledo3 2015.03.19
DIP Switch Sala28 2013.10.16
Hit Test Grid Values gtoledo3 2013.09.07
OpenClooVision Project Volume One cybero 2013.08.23
Leap Motion plugin itsthejayj 2013.07.24
Worley Cellular Voronoi Noise gtoledo3 2013.04.06
Settings Dialog with save and load params functionality jrs 2013.02.21
Metaballs Core Image gtoledo3 2012.11.11
Pacman Core Image gtoledo3 2012.11.11
core image points gtoledo3 2012.11.11
Raytrace Core Image gtoledo3 2012.11.11
fragDepth gtoledo3 2012.10.20
"Ashima" Vertex Noise with Lighting and Texture gtoledo3 2012.09.01
OpenGL Lighting gtoledo3 2012.08.02
Kali gtoledo3 2012.06.20
Ducks Fractal gtoledo3 2012.06.19
Icosahedron (fast) gtoledo3 2012.06.13
Bezier Iterate gtoledo3 2012.05.20
Facebook, Kinect and audio reactivity incubo 2012.05.08
Industrial Robot rbetin 2012.03.28
AUSampler Preset Patch dust 2012.01.20
Sequential Animation in Iterator yone 2011.12.13
Tons Of Spheres gtoledo3 2011.12.06
Frequency BPM OSC rbetin 2011.11.22
Itunes xml Music Libary itsthejayj 2011.11.20
AudioSpectrumVumeter rbetin 2011.11.19
Send and receive images in a POST request jstrecker 2011.11.12
Rotate image for a 360° simulation (used for 3D effect) rbetin 2011.11.02
Starfield Parallax smokris 2011.11.02
Dither Circles gtoledo3 2011.10.08
Voronoi Shader (Interactive - reworked from p_g) gtoledo3 2011.10.06
Pulse Multitouch (originally by Danguafer/Silexars, ported to work with Multitouch) gtoledo3 2011.10.05
Metablob Multitouch (Metablob original code by Adrian Boeing) gtoledo3 2011.10.04
GLSL Mixer gtoledo3 2011.09.30
Reaction Diffusion Dual Mode gtoledo3 2011.09.30
QCMesh Triangles gtoledo3 2011.09.30
Smooth In Iterator gtoledo3 2011.09.30
flownoise gtoledo3 2011.09.26
Saving settings to a text file and restoring them. 2011.07.26
Augmented Reality in OpenCL M.Oostrik 2011.07.21
Freeboard String Editor smokris 2011.07.07
QuartzBuilder Drop File gtoledo3 2011.06.27
JS smoothing functions for scalar value using interpolation curves 2011.04.27
Lighting with Read Pixels gtoledo3 2011.04.11
Box Blur and Color Bias gtoledo3 2011.01.31
CI Normal Map_gtII gtoledo3 2011.01.24
CINormalMap_gt gtoledo3 2011.01.18
Metaball 2.5D gtoledo3 2011.01.17
OpenCL Morph / LERP gtoledo3 2011.01.17