GL Tools 1.4 crash in Music Visualizer

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Please find quoted below the resulting crash report when iTunes ducked my CLGL variation of the Arabesque screensaver as a music visualier. I am going to dive in and take a look at what I've changed to provoke this error, seems to be one of the presets alone, all others run AOK.

GLTools got mentioned in dispatches as follows :-

Process:         iTunes [1936]
Path:            /Applications/
Version:         9.0.3 (9.0.3)
Build Info:      iTunes-9031501~5
Code Type:       X86 (Native)
Parent Process:  launchd [134]
PlugIn Path:       /Users/cybero/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/GLTools.plugin/Contents/MacOS/GLTools
PlugIn Identifier: net.kineme.GLTools
PlugIn Version:    1.4 (20091217.2212r6563)
Date/Time:       2010-02-24 12:41:20.288 +0000
OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.6.2 (10C540)
Report Version:  6
Interval Since Last Report:          321683 sec
Crashes Since Last Report:           58
Per-App Interval Since Last Report:  190820 sec
Per-App Crashes Since Last Report:   1
Anonymous UUID:                      1AA3AE71-8AF0-44AD-8109-9157EDB0AF38
Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000000
Crashed Thread:  0  Dispatch queue:
Application Specific Information:
objc[1936]: FREED(id): message retain sent to freed object=0x1de4bc30
Thread 0 Crashed:  Dispatch queue:
0   libobjc.A.dylib                  0x970374b4 _objc_error + 116
1   libobjc.A.dylib                  0x970374ea __objc_error + 52
2   libobjc.A.dylib                  0x970357dc _freedHandler + 58
3         0x968d0b48 -[QCStreamExporter_QCArray createRepresentationOfType:withProvider:withCount:elementSize:type:options:] + 1830
4         0x968d0178 -[QCStreamManager createRepresentationFromProvider:ofType:withCount:elementSize:type:options:] + 1490
5         0x969c7ce0 -[QCStream(QCStructure) _populateWithStream] + 301
6         0x969c737e -[QCStream(QCStructure) memberAtIndex:] + 71
7   net.kineme.GLTools               0x1e296ebf 0x1e27c000 + 110271
8         0x96840575 -[QCRenderingManager renderAtTime:arguments:] + 1674
9         0x968a5a71 -[QCRenderInImage executeSubpatches:arguments:] + 118
10         0x968a54cc -[QCRenderInImage execute:time:arguments:] + 2557
11         0x9683f396 -[QCPatch(Private) _renderAtTime:arguments:] + 111
12         0x9683f302 -[QCRenderingManager addPatch:context:time:arguments:nextExecutionTime:] + 2200
13         0x9683e21f -[QCPatch(Private) __execute:arguments:] + 754
14         0x9683deba -[QCPatch(Private) _execute:arguments:] + 1728
15         0x9683e991 -[QCPort _execute:arguments:] + 268
16         0x9683dd6e -[QCPatch(Private) _execute:arguments:] + 1396
17         0x9683e991 -[QCPort _execute:arguments:] + 268
18         0x9683dd6e -[QCPatch(Private) _execute:arguments:] + 1396
19         0x9683e991 -[QCPort _execute:arguments:] + 268
20         0x9685dc3d -[QCMultiplexerImagePort _execute:arguments:] + 130
21         0x9683dd6e -[QCPatch(Private) _execute:arguments:] + 1396
22         0x9683e991 -[QCPort _execute:arguments:] + 268
23         0x9683dd6e -[QCPatch(Private) _execute:arguments:] + 1396
24         0x9683e7ac -[QCPatch(Private) _executeSubpatches:arguments:] + 243
25         0x9683e5e1 -[QCPatch(Customization) nextExecutionTimeForSubpatches:time:arguments:] + 192
26         0x9683e4e9 -[QCPatch(Customization) nextExecutionTime:time:arguments:] + 81
27         0x9683e443 -[QCPatch(Private) _nextExecutionTime:arguments:] + 461
28         0x9683e18f -[QCPatch(Private) __execute:arguments:] + 610
29         0x9683deba -[QCPatch(Private) _execute:arguments:] + 1728
30         0x9683e7ac -[QCPatch(Private) _executeSubpatches:arguments:] + 243
31         0x9683e5e1 -[QCPatch(Customization) nextExecutionTimeForSubpatches:time:arguments:] + 192
32         0x9683e4e9 -[QCPatch(Customization) nextExecutionTime:time:arguments:] + 81
33         0x9683e443 -[QCPatch(Private) _nextExecutionTime:arguments:] + 461
34         0x9683e1d7 -[QCPatch(Private) __execute:arguments:] + 682
35         0x9683deba -[QCPatch(Private) _execute:arguments:] + 1728
36         0x9683c4ba -[QCContext nextExecutionTimeForPatch:time:arguments:] + 643
37         0x9683c231 -[QCGraphicsContext nextExecutionTimeForPatch:time:arguments:] + 73
38         0x9683c00b -[QCOpenGLContext nextExecutionTimeForPatch:time:arguments:] + 528
39         0x9683bde8 -[QCPatch(Runtime) nextExecutionTime:arguments:] + 92
40  ...QuartzComposer.iTunesPlugIn   0x188ead89 iTunesPluginMainMachO + 9304
41  ...QuartzComposer.iTunesPlugIn   0x188eb210 iTunesPluginMainMachO + 10463

I will try to reproduce the CLGL related problem in a simpler composition that does not redistribute Apple's own code, as is personally and privately the case on my machine at present.

First sigill of this year BTW :-) .

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Re: GL Tools 1.4 crash in Music Visualizer

Well, then, happy new year!

Which GLTools patch(es) are you using which have structure inputs? What are you feeding to the structure inputs? (The crash seems to be happening when GLTools attempts to dereference an input structure value.)

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Re: GL Tools 1.4 crash in Music Visualizer

Thanks for the response.

Arabesque does have a Macro that generates a circle. Within that macro I have placed -

Cube Structure Point Structure Line Structure Quad Structure * 2

These are fed a mesh generated by using a slightly modified version of the Structure to Mesh macro found in the SL Aurora code sample.

The Structure to Mesh is fed a queue of audio Peak data, as this type of audio data works less prone to crashing than using the straight Spectrum queue, even if smoothed by scripting.

Find attached both the composition in question with a multiplexer -arrow key up to change Mesh input and without a multiplexer.

0 sends the Structure to Mesh, 1 sends the Mesh Jiggle version.

It seems the Structure to Mesh being fed straight through causes the problems.

ArabesqueCLGLCombo.qtz178.61 KB
ArabesqueCLGL3.qtz177.83 KB

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Re: GL Tools 1.4 crash in Music Visualizer

Hmm, both of those compositions work just fine using GLTools-1.4 on my system. And the composition is huge so it's going to be difficult to narrow it down, especially since I can't reproduce the issue.

Can you build a simple composition that triggers this crash?

So far I've tested GLTools using both imported meshes and generated meshes (generated using the Mesh Creator patch, like Arabesque does), and haven't experienced crashes or other unexpected behavior.

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Re: GL Tools 1.4 crash in Music Visualizer

Simpler composition is in process, but thus far I can't reproduce the crash that the non-filtered Mesh variant previously posted produces for me.