Articulated Arm simulator

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Hello !

This is my first app posted on Kineme... Sorry by advance if it's not the good place to post and also for my approximative english.

It is a very simple simulator of cinematic systems. It can help to size levers, articulated arms, cranks... and estimate working space of a robot.

  • Red and Orange Points can be moved.

  • Range of angular movement can be adjusted on red arm (connected to the "motor")

  • All arm lengths can be set at any time

You can try negative arm length, and choose between crossed or parallel articulation (click on big X's)

If arms seem to disconnect, that means you reach impossible movement according to arms lengths.

It has been composed on 10.6.6 (QuartzComposer4) and built with QuartzBuilder1.2.

Next step : inverted cinematics. It looks hard to do...

I hope you will try it and give some comments ! (source qtz file attached too)

thanks and congratulations for this amazing website !

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Re: Articulated Arm simulator

Different and interesting use of the spooky patch. You could do with iconising your app[s] :-). Think this would be even better close to full screen, possibly not transparent , or transparency as an option. Amusing.

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Re: Articulated Arm simulator

Thanks you for this instant reply and advices !

I certainly use QC in some wrong/weird ways... I don't develop on other language (except Arduino), QC is my playground !

Spooky was my only way before QC4 to output datas from the inside of an iterator. I've understand recently that it's possible today... which is great ! Sorry for the transparent background, it's an unwanted result.

Actually, my main interest is doing experiments and "checking if it works"...and do some minimal tools like this. I don't particularly intend to skin them so far. Is it the good place to post things like this ?


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Re: Articulated Arm simulator

Interesting! This site is a great place (maybe the best) to post work like this.

By the way, in English this would be "kinematics" and "inverse kinematics". :)

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Re: Articulated Arm simulator


Thanks for your comment !

Just for fun, a QC Conway's Game of Life. This was quite a challenge for me... There is for sure a better way to achieve this.

The rules are the original one but may be changed in a patch inside. (follow the yellow notes)

there is some options in the input param. If you change "divisions", you must stop and run again. Performance will decrease dramatically over 20 divs...

Well-known "Golly" is amazing ( and fully featured.

have a nice day...

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Re: Articulated Arm simulator

Hello Jersmi,

I found a old post from you about IK.

I made this composition some times ago (on 10.5 but it still works), maybe it will interest you. It's a mess in it, but you can find my attempt to solve this interesting problem...

I hope it will at least amuse you !


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