Does This App Work?

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I'm posting a simple alpha version of something I put together...

I'm curious if it works ok the systems of others.

It should just open up to a non-changeable size, you can press escape to quite. Click on the "ball" and it "does stuff".

I was looking at an example in the Cinder library and started messing around with this composition... I didn't do any a/b-ing or try to get it accurate by any extent. I just thought that before I went further, it would be interesting to see if the premise works ok when bundled by Quartz Builder.

Particle Burn.app_.zip5.35 MB

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Re: Does This App Work?

indeed it works, nice work maestro.

intel dual core 2.8 macbook pro mid 2009. 10.6.4

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Re: Does This App Work?

iMac, Intel Core 2 Duo X7900, ATI RadeonHD2600, OS X 10.6.4.

It's non-expandable. Black background, red at bottom. Rotating black ball with squiggles and bright white highlight appears, with additional light points, at cursor position upon mouse click. Moving ball by click and drag causes horizontal lines and more light points to emmanate from ball. Ball bounces off boundaries when tossed and ball emits light points and lines during bounce. Occassionally there are also some redish particles emitted.

edit: Upon first opening the app, the ball first appears by emerging and easing down slowly from top center.

errrr ... is it supposed to do more? Seems like quite a bit.

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Re: Does This App Work?

Sweet guys, thanks for giving it a test run. I was having some weirdness when I was programming it (eg - 1024 particle warfare in line trail mode and Kineme Particle tools seem to not like each other), so I wanted to double check. I also had some weirdness recently with QBuilder (my own fault I think)... thanks for the help.

I was just trying to see how close I could get something to look to Hodgin Particle Redux from the Cinder package. However, I know I could get it way closer than this, this was just a first step to similar principles.

I wish there was something that made some decent particle trails in QC! Or, more dainty and refined, so to speak. Using accumulation all the time is weak, rolling your own with quads or QC mesh is too hard on performance, and you have to deal with aliasing.

Particle Tools MACH II!!!!! Puhlease ;-) Big request - decent looking particle trails, ala Glenn Marshall/ Flight404 type stuff.