Sound Square

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Just an excerpt from an ongoing personal project - a simple 3 * 3 sound grid.

Available via

SoundSquare 2.4MB download.

Viewable [soon] on vimeo @

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Re: Sound Square

Further screen grabs - .

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Re: Sound Square

i'm lovin' it cyb'

(still stuck at on how you looped an LFO to an Interpolation... that;s really funky)

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Re: Sound Square

Cheers, franz.

I'm looking to shift over from this simplistic physical construct to one that's going to be far more script based; I especially like the general lack of predictiveness in this current system, though.

Needs to go 3D, I think.

Different furniture too.

I was thinking of employing a 16 step sequencer, with a slightly more complex grid , which reminds me - have you ever seen - that's really amazing - great for audio generative text logos.

Not what I was trying for here, but I wonder if it could be done so well in QC?

In the meantime, more automata.

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Re: Sound Square

NIce how you're bending Quartz Composer into doing sound generation:

so at some point music gigs with visuals can be solely done from QC!! ;-)

the tonematrix site is incredible - i look at it and wonder "well I think I'll just give up now trying to do anything cool ever again!!!!" ;-))

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Re: Sound Square

the tone matrix site is brilliant, although it would take some outlining, it could be done in QC , I would have thought.

having said that, I'd be thinking temporarily of steering clear of using OpenCL,too many pitfalls possible; I arrived at what I had thought was a good OpenCL audio processing setup only to find it works AOK in QC, but eventually bugs out in iTunes [quite unexpectedly].

just traced the problem, finally coughed up in GF Log, must have overwritten the good to go copy - have to check that the download is up to spec on the t-linked post.

seems to be in place as a problem within iTunes alone on all versions I've checked - even then it still renders, and I think that the problem was exacerbated by the GROWL framework application I was running in the background - apologies aforehand as to the efficacy of the audio processor routine - now why won't the stream index in iTunes when it streams AOK in QC?