Swirly Feedback Thing

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Just messing around with the Accumulator patch and a simple displacement shader.

not fully-developed by any means, but someone might find a use for it somehow.


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Re: Swirly Feedback Thing

I've been making some use of make a good thing into a macro then transmute that into .. Kineme Polygon Mode.

I also pumped the Polygon Mode Render in Image into a Polygon Mode GLSL Shader and ended up with this.

That does this - love that feedback loop

small points - darker

large points - more granular

the textured setting works brilliantly

and the wireframe is somewhat surprising.

I'm given to think that the first Polygon Mode patch could be dispensed with, just messing with the noodling here, will patch back later.

Lovely video mixing toy :-)

& on that later note - do not remove the first Polygon mode patch, otherwise the mixing facilities are greatly depreciated upon the variant I made IMHO.

This just needs a bit of a brush up and I wonder sometimes about moving particularly fruitful patch setups into plugins, etc. Usually get no further with that than make the vimeo and maybe posting a visualiser •~.

Thing is this makes for a pretty nifty audio video arrangement.

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Re: Swirly Feedback Thing

Oh, nice. It's kinda like a cheap (not in a bad way) fluid setup. As you say, definitely potential as a mixer/transition effect.