musical chords generator

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This is a "chords generator / calculator", with a minimal sequencer. Sorry for the weight, it needs included .aif note samples to work. (i've made a midi version too but it needs additionnal programs such Reason and Osculator for midi routing)

to initialize it properly, you may click :

  • on each gray buttons (on top), this will activate other buttons
  • on the first button of each column (Do, M, 5...)
  • on each blue rectangles

The gray square matrix is the sequencer. The higher buttons line correspond to 1st degree of the chord (tonique in french), the bottom buttons line is 13th. You can click on a squares, they will be played.

There is some options in input parameters, you should change it only when the app is not running. (try "piano" instead of "guitare")

You can make a chord sequence by :

  • designing a new chord with the upper part of the comp.
  • clicking on the wanted blue rectangle to assign this new chord to it.
  • (repeat for next in the same order)

Thank you for trying and thanks for your time !


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Re: musical chords generator

well, sorry... it's not the good file :-) this should be better :

OK.zip10.22 MB

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Re: musical chords generator

cool generator. tested it with an ebmin add 9

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Re: musical chords generator

Thanks for trying ! greetings