mutli-sampling or up-sizing

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so i all ready posted a more advanced version 3d version of this sim to the repository but i thought this 2d kinect fluid occlusion masking sim was aesthetically appealing enough to maybe use with a studio project.

so i have changed the audio to something other than some underground dubstep i made on my mobile to a track from a studio album i have been recording. its not finished yet, but i like this effect so much i want it in HD.

so obviously using an hd cam to replace the kinect rgb image is easy but how would i render and up sample my fluid sim to HD. i can run this full screen as my system will not let it happen ?

i know dvd players and stuff do this for you. there are dev examples that show you how to blow up qc files sort of how encapsulated post script works but thats with still images.

i have kineme crystal is this my best out of the box solution ?