Apple's "Track position" Patch makes my composition interpolation laggy, jerky, choppy

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Hi guys,

Hope to find some help here. Im struggling for some weeks now on a composition.

Goal is to make a visualizer which - shows track info which is interpolated in its movement - Shows a current track position icon that moves on the screen as the song plays

I used to use the "track current position" patch from apple as external patch time for my interpolation, but it made the interpolation choppy. Actually i face 2 problems:

1 - I can't get to make a smooth interpolation using "track position" as external patch time

2 - As a solution i used the "Track signal" + "Stop watch" patches to create the same, which
worked, but the presence of the "Track position" patch in the composition, even
without using or binding it makes the interpolation choppy

Please note that the interpolation only gets jerky when when used in itunes as a vizualiser & when music is playing

Thanks alot for those who could help me

Im posting the composition with or without the 'track position" patch to see the difference !

Thanks guys !

PS: I really hope Quartz composer will not disappear from mac os x !

1 - With track position.qtz36.01 KB
2 - Without Track position.qtz35.31 KB