Cinema 4D to QC help!

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Hey everybody

I just started using Quartz Composer today. So I am clearly on the beginner side. Heres my problem: I created a model in cinema4d (basic cube with atom array) and now want to animate it via QC. Is it possible to control the "Displacer" effect from c4d in QC? If yes, how? I already managed to import the model in QC and publish my inputs to resolume to make them sound reactive. But only with "rotation", "scale" etc.

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Cinema 4D to QC help!

The Displacer effect in c4d doesn't have a single direct equivalent in QC.

You could use Mesh noise though, if exported as a .dae or use Kineme 3D filter patches or place the model inside a vertex displacement shader.