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[15:38:53.096]   <QCNetworkBroadcaster = 0x08A4B230 "NetworkBroadcaster_1"> Failed sending string to address

If I send more than something in range of about 100-140 chars (it changes the limit on me) the Network Sending patch falls over. See attached two compositions that send and receive until Send patch fails.

Confirmation on SL and Lion would be good then I'll submit to Apple. 100 chars not enough for sending the data I want to send but it's theoretical limit of 250 char would be okay (just).

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Re: Apple Network Patch bug

This composition fails to restore on machines that are running 10.6+. An iterator isn't necessarily a Consumer anymore, so it won't restore with an Enable on it.

I just checked it out, using the 10.6 Dev Example as a starting point, and entering in more and more characters; on SL it seems to cap out at exactly 136 characters.'s picture
Re: Apple Network Patch bug

Ah iterator, okay sorry. If I test without linefeeds I (mostly) get 135-136 chars. Was testing by increasing char length in lumps of n characters, that randomises fail length significantly.

Revised comps with no iterator enable hacks.

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