Controlling a set of preset value with slider bar

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Dear All,

I need some helps, and hope someone can give advice.

I want to create something similar to Figure 1, where:-

  • The red box have some preset value where i can choose. (in figure 1, the preset value is "gentle", in figure 3, the preset value is "spike")

  • The slider bar (blue box) can change automatically with all preset value. (if compare figure 1 and 3, slider bar info change accordingly).

  • The slider bar (blue box) can also work manually when i drag across it.

Here is my situation, - I have no problem to create the slider bar, because when i publish the input in quartz composer, it will automatically shows this when i run it in my program (VDMX, Resolume, VJ program).

  • However, the list box (Figure 1,2,3 red box), is difficult to create. i have try to use "multiplexer" patches. Well..... it does not display the wording, it only display 0,1,2,etc.

  • Also, i have a difficulty to control the link between this list box and the slider bar value. It just does not work, i can only make the slider bar manually, or have the preset value work independently, but can't appear both. (kindly refer to my qtz file, i got more explanation within)

Helps please.

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Re: Controlling a set of preset value with slider bar

Anyone can help?

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Re: Controlling a set of preset value with slider bar

I tried, but don't understand what you are trying to do. I don't use VDMX, just Quartz, but I thought I could have a look. I would recommend you 2 things: please simplify your composition, there are a lot of patches you were testing but not necessary now, I guess, please delete them. If somebody tries to see the logic of what you are building, that stuff confuses. And at the other hand, if you don't find further help here, use also the FB group. Its more active. Well, I don't love FB for the incapacity of classifying info, patches, discussions, etc, so I hope this forum will still be used ;) Maybe load you solutions here too.