Favorite Stock example compositions

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I am curious what the communities favorite stock, no plugins allowed compositions are?

I am working on a multi-day Quartz Composer workshop to be run in Brazil, for VJ University. Clearly, Kineme is going to be one of the main resources listed, and I would love to know what peoples favorite and most inspiring example compositions have been.

They need not be technically complex, in fact, the simpler, more elegant the better.

I would love to distribute a few choice compositions to the workshop attendees. I will be making a few, but its nice to include other community members.

I have an idea of some compositions I want to include from GT & alx/toneburst, but I'm sure I've glossed over some other nice examples.


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Re: Favorite Stock example compositions

Off the top of my head (sorry other dudes) I'd probably include some of the cl transform feedback stuff I've done (eg sculpt related stuff), because that's totally stock, and pretty cool. I also have that cl lerp facial morph demo in the repository that I think is cool. I've done some stuff that shows how to texture CL mesh ribbons (this comes up alot), that might be good to show? Idk. I think some of the reaction diffusion and fluid sim with normal calc stuff looks cool.

Noboko has made some really cool stock compositions - "sleep sort" comes to mind.

There's been a lot of cool shader work by many people. I think psonice has put together some cool stuff there.

Smokris has a composition called VCR that I think is all stock, that I think is a great example.

jstrecker's centroid calc is a good one that's almost stock, but it does involve read pixelS (I think?). It doesn't HAVE to, and I believe I posted a version that re-jiggered it to be stock, by using a cl kernel.

toneburst's examples are great, and I think I'd show people all the lighting models (his lighting models.qtz) just as a good basic start on GLSL lighting, and the way it works in QC.

Cwright's normal map demos I and II should probably be shown.

I feel like I'm totally not thinking of some good ones, and will feel bad for leaving people out. Sorry.

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Re: Favorite Stock example compositions

Totally. I had some of your work, Toneburst's 100% in mind when writing that out. Thanks for the other links/comps. I will check them out.

It is a huge/broad question, I know. :)

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Re: Favorite Stock example compositions

t-linked.com - Pascal Lesport comes top of my list when discounting those already mentioned from being included [albeit the case that some of those example compositions do need re-coding upon their OpenCL patches released when any kernel could carry the name main and not cause a fuss, so to speak & also some need further updating to be conformant with current implementation of OpenCL].

smokris - Bayer Explorer,VCR [so good it got mentioned twice:-)-great utility],Time Duration,Image Energy,Rutt Etra Sphere and Image Rehab.

usefuldesign.au - JS smoothing functions for scalar value using interpolation curves.

Pretty much anything and evrything [almost] on WowLabs.net.

Ditto on those mentioned already in posts prior to this post upon this thread, so don't feel too put out if you haven't been mentioned by me herein and also if you haven't even been mentioned by me already.

I'm pretty sure you'll have shed loads more than you can use, however, I'll post up some further suggestions should they occur to me.

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Re: Favorite Stock example compositions

BTW vade, when you ask for the suggestions to be stock patches only based I wondered, eventually •~, as to which version of OS X you'll be delivering upon.

That's especially important in regards of OpenCL, for instance, whereby many of my OpenCL compositions posted to the composition repository are broken in Lion.

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Re: Favorite Stock example compositions

There was a composition here called VariableBlur-Circle 03c2.qtz, that came up in discussion of Bokeh type effects. I think that's a really good example of getting that looking going using only CI, and it's a totally stock thing that can add a nice look to an image made in QC (though it's slow).

In addition to the other Zuga stuff mentioned, he made one called "javascript objects", that shows how to make a particle system with a mouse, javascript patch (to create the object structure and gravity members), and an iterator. I think that example is really excellent.

toneburst's version of NVVolumeLight_100709 is totally stock, and one can really get a lot of milage out of that. It's basically volumetric scattering look, and can be used to great effect. I think this is a port of that nVidia paper approach, but I may be wrong (sorry for being ambiguous, I can find links, or maybe tb can chime in). tb_beyon_Plasmoids_0.5, tb Swirly Transition, tb Mosaic Test, tb Dither, are some I'm noticing on my HD right now that really punch my button!

Subblue's work with mandelbulb and the quaternion julia look really good, and I think they'd be nice to show maybe. Mostly GLSL though, not much of a showcase of QC node-age.

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Re: Favorite Stock example compositions

Cool! Wish I could be there....


-smokris' google maps comp

-GT Lines

-did memo make the "Carousel" patch?

-the webcam piano is fun but requires a vid cam and midi out to some instrument/software

-(i'm sure you got) toneburst's "fields" and random walk

-M.Oostrik's openCL boids (complex, but nice)

-cwright's "draw in space" is a nice javascript demo, i think it uses kineme inverse rotation

-there's the js asteroids demo

(and don't forget what's it was like to discover the awesomeness as a beginner!) dev library:

-audio input

-brightness sort


-cpu load

-image stack


-mouse ribbon

-mouse trails

-noise 3d



other built-in apple:

-itunes visualizers

-photobooth filters

whoa, that's a lot, sorry....

rutt etra! screen capture! glitch!

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Re: Favorite Stock example compositions

Not knowing any OpenCL I was wondering if anyone could write a quick guide for getting some of the older OpenCL compositions with main functions running under lion?

When I open the OpenCL for an older composition such as "tl_opencl_particle_supershape_0.1.qtz"

It says "main should return an int" - easy

Then - "9 is too many arguments for 'main': must be 0,2, or 3" how can I fix this whilst still keeping the arguments published? I've tried changing the name of the main function as from some reading on the forums that seems to be what has to happen but still no go.

Cheers James

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Re: Favorite Stock example compositions

I think this is a question for an entirely separate thread, @jrs.

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Re: Favorite Stock example compositions

Yeah, you're totally right! This would be a great separate topic. Maybe w/ jrs's approval/ smokris or jaymie's help, we can get a topic split? :-)