Generative Wave Audio Spectrum

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So i'm trying to pick apart and understand the lovely Generative Wave composition by Markh:

Anyway, i'm newish to quartz and having a little trouble programming my brain to 'get' working with iterators etc but i'm trying to adapt this wave to respond to an audio signal. I can't see this working in terms of an audio spectrum on the one line, however a translation in x with a signal peak for instance that works it way across the main iteration, as the sin in Markh's comp do, should work right? I just can't figure where to include my audio signal..

Ideally I originally was trying to build a single line that wiggles according to audio spectrum signal (so if anyone can suggest a method for that then great), but I thought adapting this in some manner would be a good start.

Sorry, long rambly post, hope that makes sense. Any clues would be very much appreciated. Cheers!

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Re: Generative Wave Audio Spectrum

Try adjusting the amp 01 and 02 input values on the Iterator, they aren't published up in Markh's example your working with; derive your data via the Audio Input patch from the Volume Peak or by Audio Processor patch use Audio Input's Spectrum output for the Spectrum sample range and using those Low, High and Medium outputs from the Audio Processing patch.

Using Volume Peak, you'll need to adjust the Sine Wave patches amp 01 and 02 number ranges to suit how great a range of audio reactivity you want to exploit as input values. That way you'll get some audio reactivity into that particular setup.

Using Audio Processor patch, you maybe want to adjust the amp 01 and 02 number range to take into account the negative range provided by the Audio Processing patch outputs.

Attached is a rework of the example you'll have been working with. It has had the GL Line taken out and a stock Line patch used instead and the amp 01 and 02 input has been set to use the Audio Input volume peak values. It's also been set so you can use it as a music visualizer in iTunes.

sine-wave-audio-reactive.qtz555.22 KB