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hi I just bought QB and used it to export a QC comp ,which draws patterns.

Q: can I get this exported comp to play as a screensaver?

thanks x

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Re: Quartz Builder

Don't think so, not unless you have some 'delivery vehicle' that allows you to dovetail with the Screen Saver engine.

So far as I can figure, although one can flag more than one Protocol type per composition, one can only deploy to one protocol type. Once wrapped in a .app wrapper, the composition isn't apprehended as being a renderable Repository item with appropriate protocol.

One could simply deploy the .qtz as the screen saver, or incorportate that within a .saver project though .

Find attached a .qtz with triple protocols flagged and the QB app it makes. System Preferences doesn't even 'see' the QB file.

cloudsqbscr.qtz81.96 KB
cloudsqbscr.zip103.3 KB

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Re: Quartz Builder

Thanks. Nosing around the forum , I see other heads requesting this ability from QB or another 'export2app' program so we all could create and even sell screensavers. Plus 1 for that! Best, Matt