Splitting video into a grid randomly generated

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Hi Everybody and thank you to read this :)

I don´t know QC very good, it has been always a flirt but is turning into a friendship lately. I want to make a video filter for a videoclip and I think in this case QC in the best tool, but I need a tech kick.

I want to split a video source into a grid where the position and size of rows and columns are generated randomly in a defined range. These lines can cross each other, in a range, (some sort of "clean glitch"). I would also like to change the timing of the video: In some lines the video is "late".

There´s a lot to know, so ANY advice, trick or hint is super welcome!!! I´ll update you how the project goes :)

Thank you again! C

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Re: Splitting video into a grid randomly generated

Maybe you can start with a still mockup which shows what you are thinking of. Its hard for me to visualise what you are describing.

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Re: Splitting video into a grid randomly generated

Ehi, thank you to reply! I´ve uploaded a video test you can watch here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jImD0UhVBw&feature=youtu.be

As you can see the video is horizontally sliced in masks, each mask contain the same video delayed. I would like to reach the same effect also vertically, overlapping the horizontal slices to get a grid.

Do you think is possible?

Thank you! C