This simple kaleidoscope composition makes the laptop create weird noises

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Hi All, I need your feedback on the following:

This is a very basic QC composition that takes an image right into the kaleidoscope effect then to a billboard, whenever I add an interpolation to the angle input of the kaleidoscope, my laptop makes loud noises and becomes very hot. Then I added image crop but it didn't solve this issue.

I don't know what I am doing wrong. And I am asking this as a reference for the proper way of using filters without harming my laptop.

Thank you in advance, Roba

Kaleidoscope.qtz1.18 MB

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Re: This simple kaleidoscope composition makes the laptop ...

Hi Roba,

there is nothing unusual in your composition. The fan shouldn't bother you too much: it will spin at the right speed to cool down your machine again. If its get too hot it will shut down for it self anyways ;-)

The image crop in your composition is just shifting the image for some pixels, but didn't really make is smaller (because the crop width and height remains the full size of your original image). Also this patch only get processed once because its inputs never changes. Thats why it doesn't matter at all.

The composition runs with 60 fps which may be too much for your machine. You can go into the QC-preferences -> Viewer -> Maximum rendering frame rate option and let it render at 30 fps or 20 fps.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you

Thank you so much for clearing things out, yes probably it's because of the frame rate...

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Re: This simple kaleidoscope composition makes the laptop ...

I also tried connecting my DSLR to QC through Syphon to work as a live input for the kaleidoscope image then to a billboard, the laptop become too hot, then after decreasing the frame rate it was much better and I didn't hear extreme loud fan noises like before, but it's still hot, any ideas how to get around this??