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Dear forum, I'm developing a composition for a university exam. I'd like to build a string that user can modify by keyboard generating a specific directory scanner. So I'd like to call a specific 3d file sited into a folder by typing on keyboard. I'd also like to specify tags/categories for each folder because of the specific question that user will make typing.

I've already set a part of the string using the directory scanner patch, so the user can just define the last word of the input string. What I miss is to call the second part of the string, that in this case will contains .dae files, or folders containing jpg.

Thanks in advance, kind regards.


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Code, not pictures of

Hi Andrea

I would recommend to put here the code, this is, the .qtz file itself, and not heavy pictures. You can see this habit in the other posts, and in other Code communities. So people eager to help can test things (it is easier to test than think of testing), or introduce ideas and corrections, without taking the time of building all themselves. You can upload a fragment, if it works alone, which you can later work on.

If you don't get an answer here, look for the Facebook group (actual platform although you can't classify nor order anything) - but again, with the .qtz itself.

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Look in FB for the Open Quartz composer group, or the quartzcomposercommunity. Nevertheless, I hope this page continues being used, not only as repository.



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Re: User string input

Although not perfect, here was my take at it. All the best,