glPolygonMode wireframe quads

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Hey, there used to be a Kineme patch to render wireframes in quad mode (Kineme GL Grid Renderer), but it seems to have disappeared recently? Is there a way to do this with a glsl shader?

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Re: glPolygonMode wireframe quads

Do you mean the Kineme GL Grid Renderer patch?

It is still available.

Typically, but not solely, drivable by using the Kineme GL Grid Generator to provide the structure input.

See attached file example.

It is only visible in the Patch Library if you have Private Patches flagged up [needs the extended hidden preferences enabled (hold down Alt whilst selecting Preferences from the QC File Menu)]

Note the following advice in the Patch Library notes for this patch

"This patch renders a GL Mesh structure.

Despite being in the public release of GL Tools, this patch is considered a Beta and should not be used in a production environment.

Copyright: Copyright 2008 Kosada Incorporated. All rights reserved."

kinemeglgridrendererisstillavailable.qtz680.68 KB

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Re: glPolygonMode wireframe quads

Aha, updated QC and forgot about the private patches flag, thanks! =)