noob wanting badly to export video

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EXcuse the obvious question I've searched around but think my problem is I dont know how to phrase my question in QC lingo correctly.

Im trying to apply QC effects/filters to an existing bit of footage- In the viewer I've created some of the exact desired effect outcomes by jamming live with the peramaters during playback so the effect is applied in different ways at different times in different amounts thoughtout. The only way ive been able to save a copy of this is by filming my monitor in quicktime !

I would really like to output/save a higher resolution video format that I could then further edit & compress as needed.

I've also tried to apply the patch as an effect in ImovieHD - It shows up in the 'effect' directory but wont let me use it- non of the input perameters come up & it wont let me apply it.

Very Thankful for anyhelp.. Been trying to make this project for a while !

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Re: noob wanting badly to export video

Buy Quartz Crystal, it is well worth the few dollars price.

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Re: noob wanting badly to export video

Hello Thanks :)

I installed the Trail of Quartz Crystal & am having trouble getting it to work properly though am excited to output something that isnt lost behind pixels.

Should what is being recorded through Quartz Crystal be more or less the same as what would come out in QC's Viewer? I'm getting a checkered or white background with only pink colors resembeling some of the forms in the original footage in the forground- The pink/magenta is moving slower than the original footage. Am I using the wrong codec?

Also how would I go about ajusting the input perameters during record playback? Is it disabled because its the trail version?

Sorry the file attached is too big...Is probably not worth looking at.

kno12.mov121.58 MB

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Re: noob wanting badly to export video

I am pretty sure that you need to have a "Clear" Patch in your composition to clean the canvas for every rendered frame (make sure to have it set to the 1st drawing level in the upper right corner of the patch). In the movie it looks like you are drawing over and over the same screen. Since I don't know Crystal I can't say anything about the problem with the disabled input parameters.

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Re: noob wanting badly to export video

To add to what Achim is saying, in the QC Editor, the top macro level seems to perform a sort of Clear patch effect whether or not you put one (gl_Clear), so that you don't see glitches. But when you use the file elsewhere - VDMX, QuartzCrystal, whatever - you need to make sure to have one at Layer 1 on your top macro level.

Also... the default value of is 0,0,0,0. This looks black in the QC editor, but is really "alpha black", which certain blend modes and environments will render transparent. Change color to 0,0,0,1 for full black, non transparent.

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Re: noob wanting badly to export video

Some more thoughts....

For live screen grabs out of QC, I use Syphon and the free Syphon Movie Recorder.

For offline render, I usually use QuartzCrystal.

If you need to capture mouse movement data, or similar, to have it playback in the offline render, poke around here for the Value Historian patch. Some people find the recording/stop/play a little fiddly, but it does work. You may need to go into your profile and check off that you want to be a beta tester before you can see the link in the patches links here.'s picture
Re: noob wanting badly to export video

To add to what Achim and George have said, Quartz Crystal is great for off-line rendering (nice results if your comp is hard on the CPU). There is a way with Quartz Crystal to record inputs (mouse movements) and then use them during the rendering at the appropriate time values. Once you have a comp loaded the "Record Inputs" button goes from greyed out to clickable so you click it and input on the Preview screen.

Although I just tested it with a recent comp which only uses Kineme plugins and it isn't loading my comp so not sure how functional Quartz Crystal these days.

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Re: noob wanting badly to export video

Syphon, for sure.