stock OSC sender/listener

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Hi, Im trying to leave behind hexler's qcOSC plugin and go full apple stock patches for OSC, but I am having trouble getting smooooth values through it. Please see attached patches. Why are these not buttery smooth values when passed through just a simple localhost pipe? Of course I get the same results over a network - but Im a little baffled. Has anyone got smooth values through OSC (im inclined to believe, yes, since I dont really see any posts saying otherwise.)

All help, advice, tips n tricks are welcome ;)

best m

OSC_test_rec.qtz1.89 KB
OSC_test_send.qtz28.67 KB

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Re: stock OSC sender/listener

Try adjusting the frequency of the OSC send patch to 0hz in the settings panel, that'll smoothen things up!

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Re: stock OSC sender/listener

... or try the Mänsteri OSC Tools available at

It's made with a hacked version of VVOSC, if I didn't misunderstood... Works very well...

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Re: stock OSC sender/listener

Though your test shouldn't, the hexler plugin addresses an issue QC has with OSC values continuously jumping back to 0. I wish this was fixed in QC. I haven't tried Lion....

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Re: stock OSC sender/listener

Hadn't seen this post, created a new thread around this bug with a workaround composition: