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I´m planning a theatre project in 3d stereo, with multiple projections and hopefully QC as the driving force.

So I´m bending my head over how to get beyond the anaglyph stage...

Anyone doing stereo out from QC monitoring with passive /active glasses (and hopefully soon without...)

If so, could you enlighten me on cards/ports/etc.

I´m especially interested in getting the new cheaper dlp 3d- ready(?) going.

I see in the GLTools-stereo-spheres example there is a "checkerboard-interlaced 3D stereo pair"
seems like a good lead...


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Re: 3D output

Depending on the display you are going out to, it could be as simple as doing a side by side render, one half of the screen being the right eye, the other the left. I've done this before and it totally works, but you have to be pixel for pixel dead on, same for checkerboard patterns.

Should be doable, but you will realllllyyy want to test on various pieces of hardware.

Some 3D systems (active and passive consumer TVs and the like) take a single say, 1920x1080 image, but its cut in two, each image is half .. (half height if I recall) resolution. Other home-brew and more pro systems take two full raster images. Depending on what you are going to, it will make a big difference.

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Re: 3D output

Thanks vade.

I have been contemplating the dual render/projectors pluss passive filters, but I´m projecting on the floor and wall, and the only way to do it without a polarizing silverscreen would be with the Infitec filters which are very expensive.

So the dlp 3d shutterglass projectors seem a option to explore. First I´d like to find out what card to get, and then what signal to send, but it seems to me Apple is totally out of the 3d game. From Nvidas own page: "The Quardro fx 4800 supports 3d under Boot Camp"!

I´m searching myself blue, but no clue...

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Re: 3D output

Last I heard the 3D outputs on the NV Quadros no longer work in 10.6.. Check the Mac GL list.

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Re: 3D output

a passive solution with with polarization and silver screen will not work on a steep angle, so no floor projection. using an active system with a quadro card and outputting in 120Hz + synch signal for the glasses will probably not work either within quartz. maybe with a custom render plugin activating the 3D OpenGL mode. the projector manufacturer optoma is about to release the 3D-XL converter, this unit accepts two inputs for left and right and generates the 120Hz signal for the dlp projector. in quartz you can then generate the left and right view. the problem is you won't be able to synchronise two projections. http://www.optomaeurope.com/projectordetailshccs.aspx?ShowMenu=HE&PTyped...

the best, most professional and also most expensive solution is the projection design active F10-3D projector (http://www.projectiondesign.com/Default.asp?CatID=1691). accepts left/right dedicated inputs. i used them in the past with great results and you can synchronise multiple projectors.

good luck, volker

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Re: 3D output

I knew about the Projectiondesign possibility, but those are crazy expensive 2000 ansilumens! Could I just have your advice on the real brightness, and under what size/lighting environment you used them?

Also if you rendered 2 (or more) sets of sepparate left/right projections from QC (=4 or 6 outputs) how did you do it? I do not know how go go above the tripplehead2go.

I heard of someone plugging 2 analog dualheads into 1 dualhead for 4 outputs, but someone else who tried it later said it would not work with the DP units.

Good to know about the sync issue for the 3D-XL. I guess it is the signal for the shutterglasses you are thinking about, and that it would be likewise for any set of dlp units without a sync signal?

Projectiondesign is just down the road from where I live, so I guess I should try to pay them, a visit.

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Re: 3D output

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Re: 3D output

I think projection design is your best (any maybe only) bet. lucky you are just around the corner. Regarding brightness, in a controlled environment like a theatre stage you should be ok. But at the end of the day, you have to borrow a unit and test. PD sales companies do give you units for testing, at least here in Oz. With synch i mean the 120Hz signal timing of the projected image needs to be 100% synchronized across both images to work with the shutter glasses.

If you need 4 (or 2 stereo) outputs, I would go for either two graphics cards with two outputs each or one card and 2 double head2go. the pd projector accepts two dedicated inputs for left/right, not side-by-side. your qc composition has to be split across multiple compositions. for each stereo pair one comp or 4 comps. all synchronised through network. not trivial at all what you try to do, but possible. v.

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Re: 3D output

3D LED would be an other alternative to projection, and it's really nice because it cuts through other lighting. Amazing really.

I don't know what I think about the suggestions about splitting up comps etc. It might work, but I would try to approach it using one composition/app. It's really horrible if l/r gets out of synch when doing 3D.