Camtwist scoreboard composition for ustream broadcasting.

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I've just finished my first composition in Quartz. It's a live scoreboard updated via RSS feeds. The text in the scoreboard is perfectly clear when I look at it in the viewer. It's fuzzy as heck when I broadcast through Ustream. I've tried to configure camtwist to use a higher than default resolution. Right now it's 480x360, and I've got Adobe FMLE configured to stream the same resolution, but I can't see any noticeable improvement over 320x240.

I've used a Tricaster with Adobe FME (on a PC) with 480x360 and it's looked great. Has anyone got any experience here, that might help me clear my text up?

Thanks! Adam

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Re: Camtwist scoreboard composition for ustream broadcasting.

Perhaps post the composition here for analysis by the Kineme forum members? Your resolution query involving both CamTwist and FMLE should probably be submitted to the CamTwist forums.

That said, try these alternate settings: CamTwist: either 320x240 or 640x480. FMLE: Input Size: 320x240, Bit Rate: 300, Output Size 320x240. Just a hunch (and assuming everything is ok with your composition), but If that doesn't help you should pursue your resolution inquiry in the CamTwist forums.

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Re: Camtwist scoreboard composition for ustream broadcasting.

in cam twist preferences you can change your resolution to what ever you want and negate to use the quicktime component if you like.

without seeing your patch i'm a bit blind but if you are using an image with string patch i like to hook up the width of the string to the width of a billboard to make sure all the text fits or alternatively using the render destination dimensions patch for width so that the screen size will be squishy and resize liquid like.

you more than likely have done this all ready, its just the initial step to getting the text to fill the screen then you need to broadcast a bit bigger than 320x480 as various broadcasting techniques will compress your image degrading the quality etc...

just open up the preview in cam twist and see if the image looks ok in that if it does go down the line till you find your problem.